Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

Vice-Chancellor, S.V.University



            The fifth phase of success in the illustrious career of Prof.Ramamurthi started with his elevation to the prestigious position of Vice- Chancellor of Sri Venkateswara University in October, 1994.


The fifth phase of success in the illustrious career of Prof.Ramamurthi started with his appointment as the                   Vice-Chancellor (President) of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati in October, 1994. The tenure of office of Prof.Ramamurthi has been peaceful and progressive leading to starting of several new courses of vocational importance. He championed the cause of transparency of administration which is the first of its kind in this campus. Participatory management and governance have been the strong points of ‘ Ramamurthi administration’.
 He encouraged the faculty to aggressively pursue obtaining grants from various agencies and organize national and international seminars and workshops. He signed MOU with University of Florida, Gainesville for research in Energy and Environment sectors.

 Dr.Ramamurthi is instrumental in starting the Directorate of self supporting courses which is championing the spread of vocationalization of education on self-supporting basis in order to cater to the needs of changing society. In this programme as many as 20 diversified vocational courses (such as Fishery Science, Plant drugs, Mass Communications and Journalism, Micro level planning, Management Information System)have been started on self-supporting basis which has been well received by the student community. The major idea of the Vice-Chancellor at this juncture is to equip the student with multifaceted skills for shaping a successful career. Prof.Ramamurthi’s easy accessibility, amicable nature, humanistic approach and excellent rapport with different wings of the campus made him a popular administrator and a successful Vice-Chancellor.



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