Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

 Research Projects

        Prof. R.Ramamurthi has carried out good number of Research and Consultancy Projects. There are major research projects and minor research projects. The research and consultancy have mostly been with societal orientation. Some important research and consultancy projects are mentioned here.

Research and Consultancy projects carried out by
Prof. R. Ramamurthi

  1. U.G.C., Studies on the physiological response to selected fresh water organisms of rice field ecosystem to pesticide impact (1979-82), 1.2 lakhs.  

  2. CSIR, Biochemical and neurophysiological evaluation of effects of insecticide pollution in terrestrial arthropods with special reference to insects. (1981-84) ,Rs.1.5 lakhs

  3. UGC, Studies on synergistic effects of natural environmental factors and heavy metal pollution on aspects of hydromineral regulation, metabolism and reproduction in some selected organisms. (1981-84), Rs.2.0 lakhs.

  4. DST, Studies on chemical composition, metabolism and reproduction of edible aquatic organisms of aquacultural prospects.(1983-87) Rs.13 lakhs.

  5. ICAR, Evaluation of effects of some selected herbicides on aspects of physiology, growth and reproduction of fish and aquatic biota.(1986-89) Rs.2.7 lakhs.

  6. DOEn, Impact of pilgrim flux on the Environs of Tirumala and Tirupati.(1991-93) Rs.2.0 lakhs.

  7. ICAR, W-3fatty acids from marine fish: Elucidation of function of PUFAs and their deviation as to promote growth and maturation of fish.( 1992-95) Rs.6.2 lakhs.

  8. DST, Elucidation of role of Eicosanoids in ecdysial, osmo and reproregulation in curstaceans.(1992-95) Rs.4.0 lakhs.

  9. DBT, Development and optimization of bioscreening and biodetection methods for evaluation and identification of chemical and biological toxins in the environment.(1995-98) Rs.41 lakhs.

  10. UGC, Non-Broadcast video lesson programme – recording work(B.Sc Zoology).(1996-99) Rs.8.67 lakhs.

  11. DST, Aquatic ecosystem health, concerns and control. (Book writing).(2000-2002) 1.44 lakhs.

  12. INSA, Inter relationship between secretions of sinus gland.,'y'organ and mandibular organ on molt,metabolism and reproduction in crustaceans.(1999-2002).

  13. ICAR, Elucidation of the function of Sesquiterpenoid methyl farnesoate in regulating molt and reproduction in selected crustaceans. (1999-2002).15.15lakhs.

  14. DST, Isolation, purification and characterizatiion of eyestalk peptide hormones from commercially important Crustaceans.(1999-2002) Rs.34.50lakhs.

  15. UGC, Heavy metals in aquifers and aquaticecosystems:Sources of pollution,Analysis of Biota and Remedial action plan.(2001-2004) Rs5.76 lakhs.

  16. INSA, Phytoremediation:A plant based Eco-Technology for removal of metal contaminants from soil and water- Prospects and Limitations.(2003-2005)




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