Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

 Research Guidance

     Dr. Ramamurthi has been the most sought out Research guide for many a scholar. Several Schemes financed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, University Grants Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Dept. of Environment and forests, Govt.of India, Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Dept. of Biotechnology on problems relating to regulation of physiological processes such as growth, metabolism and reproduction relevant to Aquaculture and problems concerning Environmental Pollution due to pesticides and Heavy metals have either been completed or currently in progress.(see annexure)


Isolation and identification of active principles regulating aspects of molt, metabolism and hydromineral balance in Invertebrates. Discovered an active principle in central nervous system of crustaceans that regulates sodium outfulx. The comparative study revealed interesting information in regard to evolution of endocrine mechanisms in Invertebrates and the mode and site of action of some of these hormones. Work on implication of Eicosanoids in the control of vital processes in lower groups of organisms has thrown light on evolution of chemical regulatory mechanisms.

This work is also extended to enhance production of aquatic foods. Work relating to elucidation of function of Methyl Farnesoate (MF)in shrimp and crab provided clues of reproductive regulation. Expertise in the field of Animal Physiology with special reference to neuroendocrine regulation is extended to toxicological aspects of Environ- mental Biology. Efforts are made to develop diagnostic tools to assess the impact of pesticide and heavy metal pollution on the physiology of organisms. Haematology of fish appears to provide such a prospect. Comparative evaluation of the impact of pesticides on organisms of rice field ecosystem (fish, crab,snails) with special reference to physiological, histological and biochemical responses yielded useful information in regard to recovery potential of the organisms Work on development of a sensitive bioassay through determination of state of condensation of chromatin and pattern analysis of nuclei with the aid of Image Analysis for establishing the so called 'no effect dose' of xenobiotics is in progress. Implication of altered synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen in glomerular basement membrane has been demonstrated in rats in association with Dr. A.S.Reddi of UMDNJ in initiation and progression of renal disease in relation to diabetes & hypertension. Participated in biomedical programme relating use of anti TNF alpha antibodies leading to remission of psoriasis in human volunteers. collaborating with Dr.A.B.Gottlieb. Research is in progress to develop low cost diagnostic kits to detect chemical and biotoxins in the environment. Providing leadership to monitoring biodiversity, Coastal afforestation with special reference to mangroves.

Screening of candidate species of plants to serve as hyper accumulators of heavy metals such as Chromium, Lead, Cadmium from soil and water is in progress funded by UGC and INSA.






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