Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

 Association with Academic Institutions & Universities

       Prof. R.Ramamurthi has association with the academic work of many Universities and institutions in India and also in abroad.


The various Institutes/Universities are:

  1. Institute fur Zoophysiologie Bonn Germany, 1983,1994

  2. University at Tubingen, Tubingen , 1983

  3. Institute fur Biologie

  4. University of Mississippi Jackson U.S.A 1983,1985,86

  5. Medical Centre,Dept. of Neurology & Pharmocology Jackson State University Jackson,1983

  6. Tulane University, New Orleans, 1983,1985

  7. Department of Biology Le Moyne-Owen College Memphis, 1983

  8. Department of Biology University of Illinois, Urbana 1983

  9. Department of Agronomy Bowling Green State Bowling 1983

  10. University,Environmental Study Centre,Green

  11. Brigham Young University, Laie 1983

  12. Hawaii campus Concordia University, Montreal Canada 1983

  13. Department of Biology University of Montreal, Montreal 1983

  14. Department of Biology Univ. of British Columbia Vancouver 1983

  15. Department of Pharmocology Simon Fraser University, Burnaby 1985

  16. Department of Kinesiology Belle W Baruch Institute Columbia U.S.A 1985

  17. Univ.of Southern Calfornia Los Angeles U.S.A 1987

  18. Penn State Univ.State College U.S.A 1985,1988,97

  19. Centre for Air Envir. .Studies Dept. of Biological Sciences, Calgary Canada 1985

  20. The University of Calgary Division of Mammals WashingtonDC U.S.A 1985,1987

  21. Smithsonian Institution Univ.of West Florida Pensacola U.S.A 1983,1987

  22. Instu. fur Zoologie Karlsruhe Germany 1983,1994

  23. Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen The Netherlands 1994

  24. SCOPE General Assembly, International Conf.Centre, WASEDA University, Tokyo Japan 1995

  25. Nagano University Nagano Japan 1995

  26. Florida A & M Univ. Tallahasse Florida U.S.A 1995

  27. University of Malta Malta 1996

  28. ACU conference World Bank Envin.Division WashingtonDC U.S.A 1996

  29. Discussion with Mr.Carter J Brandon Beltsville Agri.Res.Stn. Beltsville U.S.A 1997

  30. visited Dr.Ashok Raina's laboratory and Dr.Marsha Loeb's laboratory Troy State Univ. Troy U.S.A 1997

  31. Met Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. Provost:Dr.Elder Dean:Dr.Porter Troy State Univ. Dothan U.S.A 1997

  32. investiture ceremony of installation of Dr.Mike Malone as President. FASEB Meeting New Orleans U.S.A 1997




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