Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

Academic Excellence

               Prof. Rallapalli Ramamurthi an eminent scholar, dynamic and dedicated researcher, illustrious guide and a humanistic administrator has been a crusader of excellence in education throughout his career. Prof.Ramamurthi joined the S.V. University as an active, dynamic and dedicated young student in 1955. Through his diligency and sincerity he rose up to the rank of best student in M.Sc. course. He had the privilege of being the first batch student of S.V.Univeristy in the faculty of Zoology. He is equally privileged in being the first Ph.D recipient in the Department of Zoology in 1962. During his Ph.D. career, Prof.Ramamurthi struggled hard to establish certain basic facilities of research in the field of Animal Physiology against several odds which became the foundation for the subsequent batches of researchers. This has been the first phase of success in his glorious career.


Prof.Ramamurthi made a humble beginning to his illustrious career as a demonstrator in Zoology department in 1958.  He attracted the attention of National scientific community as a shrewd, honest, intelligent and dedicated researcher. Prof.Ramamurhti through his foresight and innovativeness contributed a lot to establish basic foundations of Comparative Animal Physiology in the department.

 The testing time in the career of young Dr.Ramamurthi started in the year 1962 when he has to encounter a number of hurdles. He took them in his stride with extreme patience and compassion which ultimately led to success when he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Zoology in 1965. This is second phase of triumph in his career.

Despite his securing a permanent faculty position Dr.Ramamurthi never relaxed but on the other hand continued to strive hard for academic excellence. His efforts were so dedicated and calculated that he was awarded with a foreign fellowship during which time he had the opportunity to expose himself to the global research scenario. Dr.Ramamurthi worked with Dr.B.T. Sheer, a renowned Crustacean Physiologist at the University of Oregon, Eugene, U.S.A during 1965 – 67. During his tenure as a Post – Doctoral Associate he  studied the osmotic biology and Carbohydrate metabolism of crustaceans the results of which have been published in reputed international journals and widely referred. He has established harmonious and cordial contacts with scientists of different countries which paved the way for his international visits and collaborative research -programmes. During his visits abroad as a visiting Scientist/Visiting Professor Prof.Ramamurthi worked like an ordinary research student which is the major secret behind the success in his research career and is responsible for clinching several collaborative research projects in different countries. This quality of Prof.Ramamurthi enabled him to visit various countries like U.S.A, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain. Prof.Ramamurthi’s untiring efforts in the fields of teaching and research have been duly awarded when he was selected to the position of Reader in the year 1972 which marked the third phase of success in his career.

As a Reader Dr.Ramamurthi continued the best research credentials he had previously established and guided several Ph.D/ M.Phil Students. The voluminous work he has turned out was published in journals of National and International repute. Despite  heavy competition, the best research and teacher credentials of Prof.Ramamurhti earned him  the post of Professor of Zoology in the year 1979. At the Professor’s level his performance has been extremely impressive both in the campus and in the country. This record of academic excellence made him to adore several positions such as Head of the department, Dean, Warden of the Hostels, Senate Member, and Member of the Board of Management of S.V.Univerity. He has been nominated to the governing committees in various Universities and scientific societies of the country. Prof.Ramamurthi is responsible for keeping the department of Zoology, S.V.Univeristy, Tirupati on the map of National and International research programmes by getting a large number of major research projects funded by  DST, DBT, ICAR, ICMR, CSIR, DOEn and UGC. These untiring efforts of Prof.Ramamurthi enabled him to become a recipient of several National and International awards/medals/Fellowships such as F.N.A., F.N.A.Sc., Best Teacher Award of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, D.Sc., (Open International University of Complimentary Medicine, Sri Lanka), Prof.K.N.Bahl Gold Medal, Fellowship and Nayudamma memorial oration of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences and Millenium Plaque of Honour. These events marked the fourth phase of success in Prof.Ramamurthi’s career.


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