Prof.RAMAMURTHI RALLAPALLI, Ph.D, D,Sc,F.N.A, F.N.A Sc, F.N.A.A.S,(Formerly Vice-Chancellor S.V.University, INSA Honorary Scientist),Founder of RFSD

About Prof. R.Ramamurthi

              Prof.Rallapalli Ramamurthi was born on the 27 th day of July, 1936 at Chennai in a traditional Hindu family.


After a consistently good academic and extra-curricular record at school and college he graduated from Sri Venkateswara University College of Arts and Sciences taking both the Master of Arts and Master of Science degree and joined the faculty of the Department of Zoology in 1958..

Early in his career, his research effort came under the enviable tutelage of Prof.K.Pampapathi Rao, who not only set high standards of research but carefully tended and incubated the potential in Prof.Ramamurthi. He thus laid a solid foundation for the impressive edifice of a long career in research and teaching, punctuated by academic sojourns abroad.

The mid sixties took him to Oregon in USA for post doctoral research and on return he was elevated as Reader in 1972 and as Professor of Zoology in 1979. His elevation only became a temptation to commit himself to further research and teaching abroad that took him to Bonn, Tubingen, Karlsruhe Nijmegen, Malta, Jackson, Memphis, Urbana, Los Angeles, Washington, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Columbia, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec city , and Tokyo in the far East, covering a spread of collaborative research in as variegated fields as chemical regulatory mechanisms in endocrinology, through eco science and environmental toxicology, the collagens, bio energy systems, to diabetic and hypertensive nephropathy. The multitude of his research projects were funded by numerous organizations such as the UGC, DST, DOEn, CSIR, ICMR, D.B.T, and other agencies from abroad. He has to his credit 296 research papers, 39 Ph.D’s, 8 books and a host of research reports.

Psychologists say that intelligence as general ability is a thing that pervades all aspects of behavioural manifestation. True to this statement his skills in games and sports, be it Cricket or Tennis in the field or Caroms and Bridge at the table have won him many an accolade on the field or off the field. They have chiseled in him qualities of tolerance, sportsmanship and courage that have stood him in good stead throughout. The conferment of the honorary title of colonel in NCC is an apt recognition of his services.

As a person, his genial temperament and glowing warmth at heart would disarm even the toughest. His outgoing, assertive characteristics have crowned his efforts. Indeed for him nothing succeeds like success. His humanism, readiness to help the unfortunate and extend the hand of friendship to one and all has won a multitude of friends.

The academic honours he had received  include among other things, Doctors of Science (Honoris causa), Fellowships of Science organizations ( FNA, FNASc, FNAAS) and membership of innumerable societies in and out of the country. These bear a silent testimony to his adroitness, application and high mental capability. He has been the architect of the UGC special assistance programme to his department, and the guiding force behind the successes of many of his junior colleagues and scores of his students who have made a name for themselves all over the world.

As Vice-Chancellor, presiding over the destiny of the S.V.Univeristy, he gave a new impetus to its research effort. He was always ready to encourage the younger generation. He is approachable and believes in participative management, welcoming suggestions from all quarters. Easily, he is one of our most distinguished professors

 His wide travel in many cultures enriched his experiences, but technology and modernity have only added flavor to his essentially devout Indian personality. Suffice it to say, that his many qualities of head and heart savoured with his distinctive academic achievements have been the envy of many of his peers, and a guide post to the younger generation.


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